What is Nutrilifeio OÜ?

Nutrilifeio OÜ be "Decentralized Platform" where the doctor of the future will treat the human frame by prevents disease throughout Nutrition Therapy screening, assessment, “P2P Services” rendered by nutritionists, dieticians and trainers.


NutrilifeIO Is decentralized platform where the doctor of the future will treat the human frame by prevents disease throughout Nutrition Therapy screening, assessment, “P2P Services” rendered by nutritionists, dieticians & health educators.
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The W.H.O defines health as not only the absence of disease but as a more positive state of physical, mental and social well-being while one of the most important influences on health is nutrition. As the world faces a grave situation in malnutrition, 2 Billion people lack key micronutrients & 1.9 Billion obese people are a threatening global factor:

❖Obesity causes and effects: The development of and progression of obesity is influenced by a number of factors including genetics, nutrition, medication, behaviour, socio-economics, and physiological factors. Obesity and overweight are responsible for 10-13% of deaths in different parts of Europe. 40% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischaemic heart disease burden and between 7% – 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity.
❖ Cost of obesity & lost productivity: In 2014, the healthcare cost associated with overweight and obesity in Europe was €120.6 billion. This is projected to rise by 63% to €197 billion by 2025. Obesity accounts for 2-8% of health costs in different parts of Europe. 



NutrilifeIO introduces the one-stop solution global Out-Clinical Nutrition Platform where doctors treat patients through diagnostic, prediction & intervention for personalization & offer innovative, high quality, faster, simpler & affordable healthcare digital solutions for everyone.

❖ Integration of "Narrow AI" will enhance the healthcare providers’ productivity with up to 80% unmanned workflow & hyper cost cut off 90%, “Search & Data Mining" of text & pictorial can give customized recommendations and suggestions faster & simpler based on each patient's preferences & habits.
❖ Positioning is e-Marketplace for B2B2C & e-Doctors (USP), our UVP is "Automatic Nutrient Profile Calculation" & the NutrilifeIO registered in UK Copyright Service no: 284728047.



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Mobile App

Mobile App

Android & ios app

NutrilifeIO have launched its Android and IOS applications for the users to reach the doctors with a single click. All your medical related problems will be solved using your mobile phones. Download the mobile application now. 

Android Apple
mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


17 Oct 2018
The Inception of the Idea
16 Mar 2019
Developed the concept and studied the economic & social value.
29 May 2019
Developed MVP (TRL7) & Market Fit
06 Oct 2019
Relocated to EU & Validated Market
18 Apr 2023
€250K Seed Round for Final Development. Live Now
15 Mar 2024
Beijing Landing: GTM for e-Doctor.


Coin Image

NLC Coin

NutrilifeIO Token is a new peer to peer blockchain-based cryptocurrency created to serve as the real digital currency for NutrilifeIO platform. It’s a coin with wallets for safekeeping and trading utilities besides being an integral part of the NutrilifeIO platform. NutrilifeIO  Token Wallet is an electronic wallet which is used to store the NLC Token credits of any user. Every NLC Token wallet has its own identification number and each wallet is mapped to the user’s registered mobile number. Any transaction on the wallet will be confirmed to the user via an automated SMS/Email… & the wallet is used to:
• Transfer NLC Token to another account
• Receive NLC Token from other users.
• Store NLC Token
• Trade NLC Token
• Buy NLC Token against fiat currency
• Send Converted NLC Token to user’s bank account.
The wallet will directly interact with the underlying NLC & token blockchain to get all the transactions done.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses
undertaken by the founding team until launch. For some of the larger projects.


To calculate the number of tokens you'll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to public presale contributions only. If you participated through a syndicate or private presale.

Symbol: NLC

Initial Values: 1 ETH = 6000 NLC

Initial Values: 1 NLC = $0.02

Soft Cap: 9,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH

Type: ERC20



A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium
of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.


Creative and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

Nguyen Hai Son
Founder & CEO


Rezos Brands in Greece
IDIAP in Spain
Cera Trova in Bulgari
Laser Consult in Hungary
Special Hospital Merkur in Serbia


Mentoring Coaching Network


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NutrilifeIO introduces a One-stop solution in the form of a global Clinical Nutrition Platform, where doctors treat patients through diagnostic prediction & intervention. The project aims to drastically shape how people look for nutritional services and advice concerning health problems they might be phasing, entering into the ongoing digital transformation of our daily activities. In that sense, the project final deliverable will change in a ground-breaking way, the way people seek advice & nutritional services from clinical doctors that will be offered via a digital medium, with direct consultation from specialists.
❖ Business Model: e-Marketplace for B2B2C & C2C. Assumption: Ricardo is a Nutrition Expert based in the EU and Ken is a citizen-based in Hong Kong. Ken needs Ricardo’s counselling services related to daily nutrition through the process of "Automatic Nutrient Profile Calculation" powered by the "Supervised ML & NLP" based chatbot, Ricardo and Ken are both registered NutrilifeIO users. Ken prepays €59 through the D-escrow system, once Ricardo completes his service, Ken is notified to accepts the payment of €59 request from Ricardo, then the NutrilifeIO platform will charge % over €59 per transaction. ❖ Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFq9mdDuqwg&t=603s
❖ NutrilifeIO UVP pertains to the automated process for personalized nutrition advice and planning which offers a highly NutrilifeIO’s core innovation lies in the "Automatic Nutrient Profile Calculation" powered by "Narrow AI & Big data" which is specifically designed for each patient based on detailed self-screening, assessments, using complex yet robust platform algorithms & business logic to make the ended outcome content delivery to end user's faster & simpler. NutrilifeIO registered in UK Copyright Service no: 284728047 and valid to global for freedom operation.
We already registered in UK Copyright Service no: 284728047. We have applied for NutrilifeIO application which is our original works of software source code which offers impartial supporting evidence of ownership as below:

❖ Applications source code included NutrilifeIO & Logo, Android Source code, Release.apk, Keystore. jks and Keystore_credential
❖ Website source codes included the Website content and admin panel.
❖ Web Application & Admin Panel.
❖ Design work, advertisements, plans, designs, patterns, maps, charts, commercial documents & other documents.
❖ We have been allocated a personal account number, and information about the work is stored in UKCS database.
❖ Our work will be stored in UKCS secure archives and allocated a registration number that identifies it.
❖ Encrypted back-ups are stored in multiple, geographically separated locations. This precaution ensures protection against data corruption, fire, and other risks.
❖ We have been sent a certificate as a confirmation of registration.
❖ For postal submissions, a paper certificate is posted back.
❖ For online submissions, a PDF certificate will be sent to us by email.
❖ The archive is maintained by UKCS dedicated personnel who take every care to ensure that copies of our work are kept safe and secure for registration. We will also be notified before the registration expires and offered the option to extend the registration period if required.
❖ Our details, work and all the data about it are treated as confidential. An entry in UKCS archive is evidence of copyright ownership from the date of registration and will assist Us in the event of a dispute.
❖ Validated the MVP TRL6-7 Market fit ❖ Done for NutrilifeIO Software Requirements Specification (SRS) & Digital Strategy Document. ❖10.000+ patients (Diabetics) of Serbia Merkur Hospital are willing to pay for NutrilifeIO Value Proposition. ❖Switzerland Private Investors is willing to offer funding €4M via bank 2 bank by a standby letter of credit. ❖Top 100 Startups Portugal was nominated to participate in Road 2 Web Summit 2020 & Collision 2021. ❖Top 50 Startups selected for the DMS European Accelerator 2021 funded by EU. ❖Top 99 Startups to Take Off International Startup Summit to Istanbul, Turkey on September 2021. ❖Top 100 Startups impact University Startup World Cup 2021 in Denmark & China. ❖Top 50 SW International Track & Top 15 ACC 2021 in Vietnam. ❖Global TOP150 X-PITCH 2021 in Taiwan.
www.datamarketservices.eu/startups_2021/nutrilifeio/ www.venturecup.dk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/health-1.pdf www.investment-day.startupwheel.vn/en/startups/international www.xpitch.io/top150.html www.e27.co/connect-with-these-x-pitch-2021-startups-through-e27-pro-20210921/ https://takeoffistanbul.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht2xUYDxiQk
Let's take the simple example of a transaction of NLC Token between Aahva A Nutrition Expert based in UK and Ken a citizen-based in Hong Kong.  Script – Ken takes Aahva’s counselling services related to daily nutrition supply. Aahava and Ken are both registered NutrilifeIO users. Process Flow:
1. Ken logs into his account using a private key (password). Aahva’s name is shown in the list of service providers which Ken shortlisted earlier.
2. Ken decides to take Aahva’s services and deposits 100 NLC Tokens in the escrow system managed by NutrilifeIO.
3. This information is placed on the next available block and taken to the underlying blockchain network.
4. The blockchain verifies both datasets. The Receiver Address is checked against the user database to find the account which is mapped to the NutrilifeIO ID. The financial records of Ken are checked to ensure that he has enough credit balance to transfer 100 NLC tokens.
5. Once the blockchain finds positive response for both the queries, it proceeds with the transaction. The amount (100 NLCs) is deducted from Ken’s account and is added to “Escrow System”, the new available balance is updated for both the accounts on the blockchain record. Aahva is also informed (push notification/email). 6. Once Aahva completes her service, Ken is notified and who in turn accepts the payment request from Aahva.
7. The process as given from Step 2 above is repeated, but this time between NutrilifeIO and Aahva where applicable NLC tokens after deducting NutrilifeIO 0.01% transaction fees are deposited in Aahva’s account & wallet gets updated.
NutrilifeIO Ambition & Customers: NutrilifeIO Ecosystem with one-stop solution for nutrition problems, all features and functions in one app with open APIs solutions that able to integrate the frontline Partners & third party and stakeholders & are envisaged to belong in the main (but not limited to) following targets: 1. Nutritionists & dietitians for the healthy and the sick. Patient (with diabetes) who needs treatment, Elderly people with diabetes (65+ years old, including retired persons), People of any age with malnutrition & excess weight, which can follow the programme of obesity treatment. 2. Support health educators also provide nutrition counselling & encourage innovation in the dissemination of nutritional knowledge 3. Industrial stakeholders of nutritional service providers, clinical nutrition providers and distributors, doctors, hospitals, dietitians etc. 4. Offer Personalized Nutrition for Highly-motivated Consumers. 5. Offer Personalized Nutrition for Low Socioeconomic Status Families. 6. Offer Personalized Nutrition for adults and children in need. 7. Help people make and maintain dietary changes. 8. For persons with mental disorders, dietary change may be needed to promote healthier eating, adopt a therapeutic diet, or avoid nutrient-drug interactions. 9. Support Nutrition counselling as an integral part of treatment for persons with eating disorders or chemical dependencies. 10. Support nutritionally people taking certain drugs, such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors, used to treat depression and anxiety disorders, who need to follow a tyramine-controlled diet to avoid dietary interference with their medication. 11. Many drugs used to treat mental disorders can cause weight gain or loss. 12. City, Regional and National Authorities (municipalities, counties, etc.) working in the field of food health and safety. 13. Major European and international Initiatives in safe and nutritional food sectors. 14. Insurances. 15. Relevant European projects working in the field of food health and safety. 16. Food health and safety policymakers and national agencies are relevant to smart solutions for health and safety. 17. Makers and Maker communities (e.g. sustainable food communities).
The project aims in shaping drastically the way people look for nutritional services and advice in relation to health problems they might be phasing, entering into the ongoing digital transformation of our daily activities. In that sense, the projects final deliverable will change in a ground-breaking way the way people seek advice and nutritional services from clinical doctors that will be offered via a digital medium, with direct consultation from specialists. The ultimate goal of the project is to deliver an almost ready to commercialize the product and contribute the significantly on addressing a societal need, that of direct treatment of health problems that can be tackled with correct nutritional advice, Cutting of Middlemen (reducing significantly Costs), charging rather low transaction fees and having very fast services provision.
With NutrilifeIO’s approach, the Patients can be rewarded gain from the critical benefits that a proper diet and healthy lifestyle can offer.
•    AI (e-Doctor) and Chatbot for personalized nutrition
•    Free app and low transaction fee
•    Fast, D-escrow and Multi-Payment
•    Unlimited Cross Border & Languages
•    Many options for nutrition service and experts.

With NutrilifeIO’s platform (e-marketplace and target are C2C and B2B2C business model), the Nutrition Experts who are based in their countries can be rewarded gain from the critical benefits that can offer:
•    All features and functions in one app and e-Doctor
•    Free app, low transaction fee & no monthly fee
•    Customer Relationship Management (CRM), cross-Border and multi-languages
•    Solve the malnutrition and obese problem locally
•    Potential income on international level
AI technology in “Virtual Assistant” & NutrilifeIO is enhancing the journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle, with the integration of AI, as NutrilifeIO Apps can give customized recommendations and suggestions based on a person´s preferences and habits. The App may refer you to a dietitian for nutrition therapy to make sure that you're eating the best diet possible for your health condition. A qualified dietitian will assess your current diet and help you develop a meal plan that will allow you to learn healthier eating habits. You may benefit from NutrilifeIO if you're overweight or have certain conditions, including some types of heart disease, food allergies, kidney disease, or type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
❖ NutrilifeIO’s Mission is to Simplify, personalize and socialize the health and care services to promote wellbeing through better nutrition and digitized disease prediction and prevention and Our Vision is to become the global provider of innovative, high quality, and affordable nutrition care digital solutions for everyone.
❖ We envisage that the project final results and deliverables will bring significant benefits to the patients who are EU citizens, who will be rewarded with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle offer, e-Doctor and chatbot for personalized nutrition, free app and low transaction fees, fast, D-escrow and multi-payment, unlimited cross border & languages and many options for nutrition services and experts. Nutrition Experts and healthcare providers based in EU can be rewarded with all clinical features and functions in one app and e-Doctor, free app, low transaction fee & no monthly fee, CRM, cross-border, and multi-languages, solving nutritional problems locally, gaining potential income internationally and being able to expand their business outside EU markets.
❖The project will also add value on European & Global Level as the targets and aims are in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG) as it “Ensures healthy lives and promotes well-being for all at all ages and reduces the ratio of malnutrition & obesity”.
❖ Validated MVP-TRL7 for Market fit, ambition & passionate Team, copyrighted business model, sustainable global scale-up (SDG3), social Impact, secured ROI & exit strategy. That is the reason why now we want to build this platform because we believe in our ground-breaking and innovative business models would solve malnutrition and obesity problem globally by smooth connection to prevent disease.
❖ We also believe in the way we think & do right is made the big difference versus the market. We identified the "Practical Problem/Demands” in the real operation environment and studied feasibility of the “Solution” to solve it profitably, we do not only concentrate ended financial outcome but also focus on how to contribute tangible values for healthcare social and community where billion impoverished people limited access to excel in healthcare.


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